The modular responsive font designed with lots of love, glitter and alien blood. Dana 2.0 font is a very usefull HTML, CSS, and JS framework for developing responsive projects on the web.


Design for everybody, everywhere.

Dana 2.0 font is a svg modular responsive typography that allows you to customize your web design — size, color fill, stroke, position and much more can be modify just with a few changes in your CSS. Feel free to use it. Would be great!


1 font, 93 glyphs and growing. There are a lot of posibilities with this font. It's a start, but I'm working on much more. This svg modular responsive font has a lot to say.

Perfect compatibility with any framework. You can incorporate this svg font anywhere, it's prepared to be and work with others. Or you can start working from zero. Your choice!

Easy editing with CSS. Control of style, change color, size, stroke, and more with CSS.

No JavaScript required. If you don't get well with js, you are allowed to skip it. What a relieve!

Infinite scalability. Svg are scalable vector graphics, so it's perfect to set at any size. Try it yourself.

Free for use. Just credit the author. I'd like my work to be seen. But feel free of customize and make yours this framework.

DanaFont movement

Thanks to

First off all, I have to thank the inspiration. I've been very blocked during a lot of time. I have to thank coming across with Elena Ramírez, the main inspiration of this project, without her work, nothing of this could not be possible today. In the same way, I have to thank the Fox series The X-Files. Who would tell me that been obsessed with a tv show would be useful somehow.

My teachers: Chema Ribagorda, for being the guide that push my inspiration, for easy the contact with Elena, for supporting and listening to me when I needed it. Carlos Aparicio, my project tutor, for being my js lead and savior, it couldn't be posible without him either. Thank you very much! And my school ESDMadrid for making me grow and be able to do things like this one.

This is for my family and friends. My parents for putting up with my horrific mood and stress the last month before my project presentation. My friends: Fran and Adri for being always there, no matter what. I am very lucky and thankful for having you all. Last but not least, my "perri", Ada, my beloved dog. You have been my calm before the storm.